A Joy to Ride

We’re only a joy to ride because of our awesome team and the struggles we’ve endured to give everyone the best service possible.

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Founding Team


Angeline Tham

Angeline is no stranger to the tech industry. She’s a serial entrepreneur who launched Sold.sg, one of the top online auction outfits in Singapore. After she sold her company, Angeline joined a Softbank Affiliated Fund focused on investments in SEA and Philippines.

With her experience, she founded Angkas in 2016. Today, Angkas is the most popular motorcycle ride-hailing and delivery service in the country, with over 27,000 biker-partners and over 3 million app downloads.

Four years into starting Angkas, Angeline is showing no signs of stopping in her advocacy for safety and regulation on motorcycle taxis, an issue that impacts the lives of millions of Filipinos every day.


George Royeca

George is a staunch advocate of inclusive mobility and sustainable transport, a champion of local brands, and an award-winning visual storyteller.

He is currently the Chief Transport Advocate of Angkas. Through his work, George has created a movement to raise awareness on the plight of millions of Filipino riders discriminated on by current motorcycle laws. With the help of rider groups around the country, Angkas has led a successful initiative to reverse the negative stance of government regulators on motorcycles as a form of public transportation, charting the course for regulations on motorcycle taxis.

A passionate transport advocate and an innovative entrepreneur, George has always been at the forefront of movements that fight for the rights of millions of motorcycle riders and commuters in the Philippines.