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Tips For First-Time Motorcycle Passenger

Tips For First-Time Motorcycle Passenger

Tips For First-Time Motorcycle Passenger | Angkas


tips for first time motorcycle passengers

Here in the Philippines, motorcycle ride-hailing is common because of its ability to bring passengers to their destinations faster and for a cheaper amount. Being a first-time motorcycle passenger can be exciting. But preparing for a safe ride should be your top priority. So, if you’re in search of tips for first-time motorcycle passengers, read this blog!


Ask To Be Briefed About The Ride Ahead


Before booking a motorcycle ride, the first thing you should do is be as informed. Doing so helps you reduce fears or anxiety that may come from not knowing what the ride might be like.

For instance, try to know what the route will be. At our Angkas app, we automatically provide the route and the fare price on your phone screen once you give your address information and your supposed drop-off location. You will also be introduced to our instructions for riding in our app. In addition, our riders will inform you about wearing a motorcycle helmet, and sitting properly, and can help you understand other things you should and not do during the entire ride.


Wear A Helmet


Once our Angkas rider informs you about the details of your first ride as a passenger, make sure to wear the necessary riding gear we offer such as motorcycle helmets. Don’t forget to wear a face mask as we don’t allow passengers without face masks for health protocol.

Our Angkas riders will assist and take care of you for a safer and hassle-free ride.


Balance Your Body


One of the first things that many first-time motorcycle passengers have a hard time with is finding their balance during the ride. Swing your leg over the saddle and heat on two wheels to gain the right stability during the ride. We instruct our passengers to avoid wiggling while riding and turning in different directions.

As a passenger, simply use your legs and stiffen up your core. In this way, you will be seated balanced on the saddle and our rider can drive safely.


Follow The Rider When Leaning During Turns


First-time motorcycle passengers should lean with the rider during turns. However, it’s important not to do this too much as this can result in imbalance. Do not “fight” the lean or move your body opposite where the natural lean is. Simply do what your motorcycle rider does to ensure stability and traction on the road.


Tap The Shoulder Of Your Rider To Communicate


The most important tip for our Angkas passengers is to ensure that there’s proper communication between rider and passenger. You can simply tap your Angkas rider on the shoulder if you feel unsafe or if you’re not sure about certain things.

Don’t hesitate to engage in a conversation with our Angkas rider because they are all friendly and can answer your inquiries.

At Angkas, we want our passengers to feel safe by communicating with our riders to clear out any unknowns for comfort and safety. This is our first priority.


Angkas Coverage Areas


As a first-time motorcycle passenger at Angkas, you need to be informed about our Angkas coverage areas to help you book a ride with us easily. We are available in Metro Manila and Cebu. For a full list of our coverage areas, read it below.


Metro Manila

  • Pasay

  • Pasig

  • Makati

  • Manila

  • San Juan

  • Taguig

  • Katipunan

  • Mandaluyong

  • SM North

  • QC Circle

  • South Triangle

  • New Manila

  • Balintawak

  • Monumento

  • Eastwood


Metro Cebu

  • Cebu City

  • Mandaue City

  • Lapu-Lapu

  • Talisay City

  • Consolacion

  • Liloan

  • Mactan

  • Cordova


Download Angkas Today For A Guaranteed Safe Motorcycle Ride


Looking for a safe and hassle-free motorcycle ride to drop you off safely at any destination? Then download the Angkas app and experience the most reliable motorcycle ride-hailing services in the Philippines! Download our app for free from the Play Store or App Store, and make the most of it by using our discounts and promo codes on the app and on our official Facebook page!  

Key Takeaway


In this blog, we’ve discussed important tips for first-time motorcycle passengers. At Angkas, you are safe and protected with our safety riding gear and trained Angkas riders!

Got any more questions today? Contact Angkas today and we’ll talk about your concerns. You can also visit our website to see our other Angkas services for you. Book a ride with us now!

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Tips For First-Time Motorcycle Passengers

tips for first time motorcycle passengers. Here in the Philippines, motorcycle ride-hailing is common because of its ability to bring passengers to their destinations faster and for a cheaper amount.