What Is Angkas and How Do I Use It?

Angkas is an on-demand app-based motorcycle taxi service. With the traffic situation getting worse in metro areas in the country, commuters need more and better options fast, and that’s why we started Angkas. No, we don’t think this is going to solve all commuter woes, but we do think motor taxis allow commuters to beat the traffic in versatile and flexible ways that most four-wheeled vehicles cannot.

All across Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, motor taxis have already become an accepted mode of transportation that gets hundreds of thousands of people past crazy gridlocks and jams. With about half of all vehicle sales in the country being motorbikes, we find it odd that we haven’t unleashed their potential as a transportation service for more people.

As an online platform, we’re able to quickly match interested passengers with nearby bikers, which is really the new standard for passenger transport these days for anyone familiar with ride-hailing or sharing services. Anyone wishing to try the service can simply download the app, book a ride at a fixed, upfront rate, and wait for the biker to arrive in minutes. On top of that reliability and convenience, we make sure all rides are safe and professional by providing bikers with the necessary tools and skills. All bikers get safety and customer service training, while all passengers get a helmet, raincoat, mask, hair caps, and personal accident insurance for their comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. All in all, pretty amazing.

Booking A Ride

So how do we get started? Just head on over to the Google Playstore and download the Angkas App. It should be out in the iOS App Store in a few days as well.

Once downloaded, simply sign-up with your contact details, and you're ready to book. Input your pick-up and drop-off locations to get a fare computation, press 'Book' to request a biker once you're satisfied, and just wait a few minutes for your ride to arrive. All payments are made in cash, and feel free to pay your biker before or after the ride. 

At the moment, we're only available in 5 cities: Taguig, Makati, Manila, Pasing, and Pasay. As grow, we'll definitely hit more cities and let you know.

Riding Safety

If it's your first time to ride, your biker should brief you on the following safety tips:

  1. Make sure to wear your helmet at all times. For hygiene and pollution concerns, remember that face masks and hair caps are available.
  2. Get on the bike on the left side to avoid the hot muffler on the right side. While it's uncommon, it is possible to get a minor burn from this.
  3. Inform your biker of your preferred route. Some passengers are totally fine riding in EDSA (especially deep in traffic), while others would rather take smaller streets, so it's all up to you. This is best to ensure your safety and comfort.
  4. During the ride: hold on to your biker's waist or belt only (not his shoulders, not the bike's railings). Holding the shoulders is dangerous since you may accidentally turn the biker's shoulders and cause the bike to swerve. The railings on the other hand are not secure enough and are not ideal for balance.
  5. During the ride: lean with the biker and bike. If he leans left, lean left as well, and right if he leans right. Going against the lean of the bike makes it harder to turn and messes with the bike's balance. 
  6. Communicate. If at any point in the ride you have a concern or feel uncomfortable, don't hesitate to say so. If you want to go slower, or prefer that you don't squeeze in between cars in traffic, let your biker know, and he'll be happy to accommodate you. In many instances, experienced bikers may not be aware of your hesitations, especially if you're new, so feel free to speak up. 

Hopefully we've covered enough of the basics to get you onboard and excited. So what’re you waiting for? Angkas na!